"Amazing! Sweet to work with, perfect and on time with deadlines, outstanding voice performance! Will definitely work with you again ^^"

-Toon Brains

"Working with Rebecca was absolutely amazing, she is super professional, kind, attentive and focused in delivering the best work she can to achieve your vision for the project, great communication skills and just this amazing kindness and positive vibe around her and her work! 10/10."

-Felipe Méndez, Deadlycrow Games

"Excellent work! Rebecca did a very particular job for us and was right on target. She's creative and professional. I highly recommend having Rebecca in your next project and if the chance ever came up, I would love to work with her again."

-Omar Bik of Red Ego Games

"Working with Rebecca was great, she is a super nice person and did an amazing job."


"She was an absolute joy to work with, so very kind and honest! Would ask questions regarding the character she was playing which goes to show her passion for the roles! It would be an absolute honor to have her on again for other projects, and I believe she deserves more roles for her incredible performance!"

-Baphomet, PoundToundHound

"Working with Rebecca was such a privileged experience. She was very professional and friendly throughout the entire time. I'm glad to have had her as my first VA for the project. I can't compliment her enough."

-Silver Hatsuyuki from Strange Chemistry Atelier Studio

"Working with Rebecca was fantastic! Her talent with voice acting was clear from her demo real, but I wasn't expecting her versatility and willingness to do lines in other languages as well. She was a vital asset to the team, and even brought on several other Voice Actresses as well. Her networking and positive attitude was just as valuable as her dedication and talent. All her work was delivered in a timely manner and was exceptionally high quality! I hope to work with her on many more projects to come."

-Kyle Wolslagel of Screen Savor Studios

"Working with Rebecca was a fantastic experience :3 I sent her the script with a pretty tight deadline and then had to go away for a few days. She'd already finished recording before I got back!

Not only is Rebecca's voice super versatile, giving her the ability to convincingly deliver lines for a range of characters, but she's also incredibly friendly and supportive :3 As someone who lives with a great deal of social anxiety, I can't describe how much of a difference it makes to interact with someone who is so sweet.

I would absolutely love to work with Rebecca again on a future project!"

-Melancholy Marionette (indie game dev)

"Rebecca worked on a game jam with me as my team's Voice Over Director. I've never worked with voice actors before, but Rebecca's knowledge of what that process would entail helped relieve a lot of my anxiety about doing so. Rebecca was very professional and always kept me up to date on progress or delays with the multiple voice actors working on our game. Rebecca made the inclusion of VO work extremely easy and without her, our game would be missing a very important element of it. I definitely recommend working with her!"

-cygni (indie game dev)

"Rebecca greatly helped us with our visual novel, being both a voice actor AND a proofreader for several chapters. She delivered her lines incredibly swiftly and also covered for two different characters, making the project easier to organize. Working with her was easy and without any trouble!"

-Aspekt (indie game dev)

"Rebecca did an excellent job playing Morgana in the second Tomb Cats animation. She's very sweet and talented and we definitely had a great experience. I'm looking forward to working with her again in a future project!"

-Mano Lon (indie animator)

"Rebecca was a lot of fun to work with! She has a lot of energy that she puts into her work, and I loved her imagination when I gave some room for improv. She was prompt, professional, and excellent at communication, and her passion for the project made working with her even more enjoyable. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a voice actor."

-MJ Greenfield, Pertinax Games

"Awesome! Rebecca did some VO work for my video game, Chester's Revenge for the character Willa Winds. She was super professional and a joy to work with. Everything went super smooth and came out great. She provided multiple samples to choose from, all of which were excellent quality. Would definitely recommend!"

-Wojo Studios

"I had such an amazing time working with Rebecca. I had the pleasure of working with her on one of my student projects, and she is one of the nicest talents I’ve worked with. She is enthusiastic about all the characters she plays, and an overall amazing actress."

-Nikki Behjat, SVA Animation Student

"An absolute pleasure to work with! RCM will go above and beyond to deliver an outstanding performance that will breathe life into any character and make every line of dialogue shine with personality."

-Two Flower Games

"Rebecca is a wonderful actor to work with, She gives it her all and delivers amazing work for the character provided. She will also offer improvised lines for characters adding extra flair and depth."

-Coffee Cat Studio

"Excellent work. Fast delivery, clear communication, great results. Rebecca's beautiful voice is what really brought our short jam project together!"

-Tim Min from Studio Madeleine Chai

"Rebecca was quick, professional, and made me smile while I listened to her recordings. She's one of the nicest VAs I've had the pleasure of knowing. If you're gonna count on someone to get it done, and get it done right, it's with Rebecca."

-Adventure Stories ASMR

"Rebecca has been nothing short of fantastic to work with, and has not only met expectations, but has consistently gone above and beyond what I've asked of her. Her performances have been wonderful, she takes direction well, and is an all-around pleasant, enthusiastic, and helpful person. I consider myself very lucky to have her on my team!"

-Hazu from Skelebun Studios

"Rebecca has an amazing voice talent and she is incredible! Her recordings were thorough as she offered me many different high-quality options to choose from. She did an awesome job going from different voices of a human character into a cat character in my animated short, and she was so sweet throughout the entire process! I would definitely recommend working with her if you are looking for a positive, energetic and talented voice actor!"

-Amanda Berry, Cleveland Institute of Art Student

"Working with Rebeca was a pleasure. She was incredibly professional and gave amazing reads. She is an excellent actor, great communicator, and had a great recording setup! I would love to work with her again in the future and would definitely recommend her to others seeking voice actors."

-Lee Witz, CalArts Animation Student

"Was a pleasure working with Rebecca! She offers great quality, is a great communicator, and very timely in her return!"

-TS Wieland

"Rebecca voices one of the characters in my indie game. I consider myself lucky to have her talent in my niche project. Her work as Gvanca is quite professional, in fact, I'd say it's on par with most of the professional voice work in the industry. Her dedication to this role is incredible, she's fully invested, not only in her voice work but in the project she's involved in overall. She even goes the extra mile when it comes to retakes and helps me in many other aspects out of her own will. It's a privilege to have met her and to have her on board."

-Levan at Studio 306

"Rebecca voiced the main character of my animated student film. Throughout the entire process, she was super quick to respond to all my emails with line [recordings] and different takes whenever I needed them. She even suggested [recording] additional lines I could add to my film, which was extremely helpful and improved the quality of my film. The audio was perfect and I couldn’t ask for any better. I would definitely recommend her to anyone!"

-Michelle Tang, CalArts Animation Student

"Rebecca Chiara Marano is a fantastically dynamic and talented asset to any team. Not only did she show punctuality and enthusiasm in her voice acting roles, but she also stepped up to an editing role that was invaluable to the creation of Devil's Door. Through and through she was a star to work with and I can only hope to have her again in future projects!"

-Yams VN

"Rebecca was an absolute delight to work with. She brought a remarkable energy to the role and worked with me to properly execute the vision I had on how the character was supposed to sound. She has so much talent/passion and is extremely professional. Her acting was able to bring my project to a whole other level and I strongly believe she would be a great asset to any production."

-Broken Chair Studios

"Honestly one of my favorite actors to work with, she's incredibly talented and came through rather quickly. She deserves all the work she can get, she's responsive, and always willing to bring her all for a role. Heck, she actually made me love my own character more! 100% recommend her for anyone looking for a VA."

-Team Lionheart

"Ever since Rebecca auditioned for my animated project, Ghost Bound, I knew she was the voice actress I wanted for this series. She is a highly professional voice talent and delivers astounding acting performances every time. Additionally, Rebecca is a fantastic communicator and collaborator, so it is always a treat to work with her. She never misses a deadline, follows directorial notes to a T, and ensures her recordings suit your project's needs. To those on the fence about working with Rebecca, I highly recommend her for your project as she is passionate about what she does and will make a magnificent addition to any team."

-Ghost Pond Productions

"Rebecca Chiara Marano is an immensely talented voice actor who listened and delivered an amazing product quickly, creatively and professionally. "

-Jeff at Audio Groove Cats

"I had the pleasure of working with Rebecca, and not only is she an amazing voice actor with an incredible vocal range, she is very sweet and kind, extremely punctual when delivering her lines, is able to adapt to any character role she is given, and is completely open to suggestions when you give her a specific vocal direction for her lines.

I highly recommend having Rebecca in your next project and if the chance ever came up, I would love to work with her again."

-Little Missy Otome Studios

"Rebecca Chiara Marano delivers top quality work, has a very quick turnaround, and is an absolute joy to work with. If you're looking for talent, I highly recommend the chance to work with Rebecca on your production! Her professionalism and talent is a delight."

-StarForce Media

"Rebecca was prompt and professional in both communication and her voice work. I enjoyed working with her and would hire her again for future projects."

-Peanut Parade Games

"I thoroughly enjoyed working with Rebecca, she was a great asset for the project I was working on, and her Voice Acting was quite frankly, awesome! She was lovely and supportive throughout the process and I would recommend her for your projects too! Thanks again, Rebecca!"

-NerdyBird Studios

"Blending traditional professionalism with modern ideas, Rebecca gave us incredible variations on lines that required a deft touch. Her ability to quickly slip into the character and provide a well-rounded performance in the fewest takes possible made our job easy and enjoyable."

-Hard Reset Productions

"[Rebecca] brought the character to life! Her range was absolutely perfect, bringing more to the table than I would expect...Not to mention how quickly she worked for such a small window of time. I'm glad [she] agreed to play her."

-Winged Unicorn Productions

"I just wanted to personally thank you for your time, patience, and talent for the last few days!! It was a delight working with you and I hope we get to work together again in the future."

-B. Abrahams, co-found/producer of You Had Me At Black